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I am Marline Squance, a health professional health educator, & medical researcher. I have worked in Australia and also Internationally within medical, health & scientific research fields. The last 15 years I have had the pleasure of being the CEO, Senior Research Manager & Health Educator of the Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre (ARRC), a NFP charity that supported and provided education to people living with autoimmune illness. I have also lived with & continue to live a healthy and happy life despite having chronic illness that presents with daily symptoms.


I have a strong belief that reaching your own health & life goals involves working together with a team that has the person with the lived symptom & chronic illness experience as the central focal point.  This team should also include people & professionals from many different medical, allied health & holistic treatment sectors working together to support your needs, hopes and healthcare goals. In reality, today's health care management plans generally includes a mix of traditional medical strategies as well as treatments that are often considered to be non traditional therapies.  Our healthcare plans also involve commercial and more holistic products that become a part of your own suite of selfcare strategies to ease daily symptoms and the overall burden of our lived illness(s). 


I try to practice selfcare daily however, I admit I sometimes let my regular strategies & practices slip. I even at times test the universe by letting all selfcare lapse & not surprisingly, I pay a price & need to find my way back to the path that suits & soothes me. This is when I truly appreciate how daily selfcare helps reduce my own symptom burden.


It is from this belief of the importance of selfcare health management that my past & also ongoing work with "MyAutoimmune" has been generated.  I am passionate about helping others to find their own pathway to health & happiness whilst living with chronic illness & ongoing symptoms.  "MyAutoimmune" is a place that personalised support, health education and coaching can be accessed along with easy access to useful products that may provide symptom relief, help you feel supported & help you regain control of your health.  Many of the products advertised have helped me personally whilst others have been recommended as having benefitted people I have met in workshops, seminars or via health education sessions.

I too walk a path of recurring symptoms & strategies & have over the years developed my own health plan & path to improve management. I hope that "MyAutoimmune" can help you achieve the same.

In kindness & care


The story of "MyA-Shop"

The idea for an online product shopfront was born 15 years ago as a support arm of the Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre (ARRC). ARRC, put into action a member suggestion to offer a point of guidance for products that were useful for symptom relief. The product suggestion service started 1st with the sale of silver thread socks & gloves from the UK to help reduce the impacts of Raynaud's phenomime. Years later we still sell these gloves & socks, although now they are made in Europe. Over the years we have added more targeted products for different symptom solutions. This ARRC service reduced: the need for confusing & misguided online searches & purchases from different shopfronts & sites;  and the receipt of inferior products resulting in disappointment and added expense for no gain.         

Upon the merging of ARRC with Arthritis NSW in 2021, the decision was made that the product arm of ARRC would not to be included and continued within the merged service. Therefore to ensure a continuing product suggestion and supply service, "MyAutoimmune" was created as a new and solely online business.

The underlying vision of "MyAutoimmune" is to be a place where you as someone living with autoimmune illness or someone experiencing adverse health symptoms can find access too & also purchase products that may help alleviate symptom impact and illness burden.  All the products offered on the shopfront are recommended by people with autoimmune illness or  people that experience annoying symptoms that impact their health & wellbeing.  Some of the target symptoms the products are directed at include:

  • cold hands and feet,

  • circulation issues that can occur with altered blood flow, spasm of vessels & a condition called Raynaud's,

  • excessive sweating & in some cases bad odours such as foot odour,

  • inflammation,

  • fatigue

  • dry, itchy skin,

  • rashes

  • muscle & joint pains, as well as

  • dry mouth, lips & other mucosal linings.

Each product has been suggested as a product that has helped to sooth &/or alleviate symptom impacts overtime allowing the individual to improve their quality of life and day to day life activities.

"MyAutoimmune", is designed to be your single shopfront providing products for purchase that have been tried, tested and recommended by people living a life with adverse health symptoms &/or chronic illnesses such as autoimmune illness. 


The story of "MyAutoimmune" is grounded in offering support for people living with autoimmune illness & symptoms that affect their daily living capacity & enjoyment. We would like to continue this support by growing with your health & wellbeing needs and encourage you to share your personal experience of using a product that has brought you symptom impact relief by contact us via email at

Wishing you good health.


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