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MyA-Wellness will provide personalised services to people living with autoimmune illness.  Services will include individual health education designed to promote better understanding of your diagnosed autoimmune illness, illness specific characteristics and how individual symptom spectrums may impact day to day life.  Importantly, MyA-Wellness will work with you to develop lifestyle strategies that can help you live well with an autoimmune illness and help you reach your life potential.

MyA-Wellness is a service is an adjunct to conventional medical treatments and monitoring provided by Medical Specialists and will become a part of the individuals support team providing a pathway to a life of quality and overall wellbeing.  MyA-Wellness is not a substitute for specialist medical management however it may provide the knowledge, insight and strategies needed to promote better self-management of symptoms with great potential to lessen illness impacts.

MyA-Wellness working to form an integral partnership with you.

  • Utilising the autoimmune knowledge & experience of a qualified healthcare professional & health educator with over 20 years of Autoimmunne illness healthcare & support experience.

  • Incorporating internationally recognised wellness coaching techniques.
    Following lifestyle medicine principles & up to date research evidence.


To find out more about MyA-Wellness please complete the following details.

Thanks for notifying us of your interest. We will be in contact soon. In kindness Mya

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